Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chicken Hoofs?

Last night I counted eighteen chickens, but I didn't see Henney Penny. I think that is her in the roost photo yesterday up on the top row on the right. I spotted her outside the pen when I went to get the eggs today and then went back to catch her. The duct tape saddle was hanging off to one side and I could see pin feathers about an inch long growing on her back. Wow! I didn't know feathers grew back that quick. I didn't get any photos 'cause I was too busy trying to catch her. I did manage to put a new batch of duct tape on her and set her down near the feed. She didn't look too stressed. Not too happy either, but she is OK.

The video today is my effort to capture the thundering herd of chickens running on the porch to get to their treat. When all the chickens show up at once they make an amazing amount of noise in their approach. You can hear some of the chicken hoofs in the video, but it is much louder in real life, especially when more of them are running together. They do like the carrot peelings.

No eggs in the dirt today. I added more branches under the roosts. Might work?

[6 eggs today]


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The Old Gray Egg said...

Do the thundering hooves keep the raccoons out from under the porch?