Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What's in the Hole?

(We have lots of lightning so I am turning off my computer.)
I'm back. Wow! That was intense non stop lightning and we got dumped on with rain. But it was quick. Didn't take long at all for the weather cell to move off of us. But there is another cell moving up so I have to be quick and post in between the weather cells. I think I got some film of the lightning? I'll check and if there is anything on my camera that is any good I'll post it tomorrow. As soon as I get this posted I am going to unplug my computer.

Here is a curious Light Brahma.
Bet she wonders what the hole is all about.
Maybe something to eat?
Must be something good down there.
She is digging trying to get at something.
These potholes make it dangerous for me to walk in the pen.
Sorry dear, but I'm going to have to fill the hole up. 
Here is a Dark Brahma.
I think their color patterning is so pretty.
Sweet little chicken.
These two girls are very cozy! I think it is Curly the Cochin and a Light Brahma both determined to lay their egg in the same nest. [at second look I think it is an Orpington because of the dark feathers in the tail] I don't understand how chickens think. I would like to think they are pals and happy to be together. Cozy!
[10 eggs today]

Plus one dandy of a thunder storm!



lisa said...

I was watching the news and saw the lives that have been taken from the lightening storms that have been going on. So, be careful and standing under trees!

Shmoopywood said...

I wanted a light brahma, ordered some from Ideal this year and they sent me buff rock's instead (sigh). I love yours, very pretty. Maybe if I get a broody next year I will buy some eggs and make her hatch them for me.