Monday, June 08, 2009


The other day, Tom was helping Bill clear out some stuff at Jean's house to ready it for renting. Tom came home with this box of embroidery thread and bundles of lace for me to play with. How neat is that! Lovely colors.
He also brought home a bunch of bed billows, a comforter, and a mattress pad for Kristine's bed. These pillows will come in handy for the motor home. Now I won't have to give up my pillows when company comes and stays. We use our motor home as a guest house. It will sleep five easy, or two double beds and three singles.
He also brought these pillows to live on the window seat. They will be happy joining my Home Sweet Home pillow that my sister, Sharon, gifted us with. I can cover some of these pillows so they have a theme going... or not. I really don't like matchy matchy stuff. 

This has been a slow lazy day. The sick chicken seems better, but she is still just staying in the carrier and not moving around much. I checked her over and didn't see any wounds or anything. But she moves as though she hurt herself. Hope she is better tomorrow.

[8 eggs today]


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Jennifer said...

I like the pillows the way they are, especially the home sweet home one. I hope your chicken makes a full and quick recovery from whatever is ailing her.