Friday, June 19, 2009

Henny Penny and Hen/Roo

Henny Penny and Hen/Roo scratching around today under the shade of some Madrone shoots off of an old Madrone trunk. I should cut them all off and I suppose I will someday when I get to clearing out this area. I remember that my brother raked this whole area clear. I have never been able to do that and have just managed to clear some paths from the chicken coop to the back fence and along the back fence. A mosquito tried to bite me as I was taking this video so I gave up and retreated to the house. I would love to have some wind to blow the mosquitos away, but then I would have to worry about forest fires. I'd rather have the mosquitos.

Things didn't go the way I thought they would today. Kristine got sick and had to go to her doctor. She is going to have to stay home for some extra days and get over the sore throat she has developed. She ended up spending time at the doctors and I ended up sleeping. I wish I could send her to Australia again for a vacation. She will have to pretend she is on vacation around here instead.

[9 eggs today]


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