Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sick Chicken

Yesterday when I went to lock up the chicken coop I noticed a Wyandotte hen that had scrunched herself into a corner and who was not looking like she felt good at all. In fact she didn't even make any effort to move or look around. I left her alone because she looked comfortable and warm where she was, but I didn't expect to find her alive this morning. But there she was this morning in the same place.

So, I made a straw bed in one of the cat carriers and put her in the feed shed. It is warm in there during the day. I managed to spill the water. She scooted up to the water, but I haven't noticed her eat any feed. I don't hold out much hope for recovery. It has been my experience that once chickens show they have a problem they are in real trouble. This is one of the hens that never finished her molt and I suspect the abrupt change in temperature was the cause.
I blocked off the entrance to the feed shed so Morgan wouldn't bother the hen, but so the hen could have some light and might eat and drink. I'll move her back into the chicken coop when I lock up tonight. I hope she does recover. Maybe?

[10 eggs]

I hope she gets better...

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