Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Post!

"Just Post!" That's what Kristine tells me, "Just Post!" I tried to get her to do another guest post, but with no luck, sorry. I like her posts much better than mine, for sure. I'm stuck with my ramblings this evening. After three migraines in a row, I'm suffering from brain damage. Well, it feels that way and it makes me sleepy. Surprise! Yep, I was sure surprised this afternoon when the phone rang and it was Kristine telling me she would be home an hour later. Tom wasn't home. He needed to take his Mom to the doctor. I had slept most of the day! So, first I let Morgan out. Poor Morgan. And then shuffled outside to let the chickens out. Wow, Tom is still working on the antenna, evidently since the ladders are still there.
Oh, dear! Poor girls! I'm so sorry you were locked up so long.
They are cussing me out!
I checked for eggs. Kristine says the hens fluff up when I open the door to express their displeasure at being disturbed. Makes sense.
When I went to fill the feeders, I tripped over a branch. Branch? Oh, yes, the branches! Sure enough, when I went to check there were eggs under the roosts. I guess the girls were bored and with nothing to do with their time they decided to haul the branches out into the pen. Arrgh! And then they, three of them, laid eggs in the dirt and chicken poo. Go figure? Ok, it is my fault because I didn't let them out. But, but, I was asleep.
On the way back to the house, I noticed that there was a volunteer berry bush in the rock pile. I think the seeds are dropped on the rock pile by birds/chickens because there are quite a few wild plants that get started amongst the rocks. The berry bushes are strong growers and do the best growing in the rock pile. I usually pull them out, but I think I will let this bush grow and see if it will actually produce berries.

I made some chicken soup with rice click here I love that song by Carole King and Maurice Sendak. I bought the Sendak books for my girls when they were little. They were such cool books. The girls loved to play the records that came with the books. Yep, those were the old days of record players. What can I say... I'm old.

And then I gave the chickens a treat of carrot peelings and lettuce which they ate up very fast, although only about half of them showed up at the slider when I called them. I guess the others had headed out for part of the woods that were on the other side of the house.

Tom called and he will stop and pick up some sour dough french bread and some meat loaf for Kristine, since she can eat that as her throat has healed up a bit. I'm back eating eggs, vegetables and fruit. I never would have eaten the ice cream if I had realized what would happen. I was living dangerously and hoping I was back to being able to eat what I wanted. I took Dilantin for over thirty years and that controlled my migraines, but I eventually got hives and had to stop taking it. I remember when I started the Dilantin my eyes wouldn't focus, I couldn't read, I was dizzy, and it made it hard to concentrate. That lasted about six weeks and then after I adjusted to the medication there were no more migraines. I would like those no migraine days back. So, I will have to be a good girl and be careful what I eat... but I get them anyway. phooey! Maybe Tom will eat the ice cream? I wonder if chickens eat ice cream?

Lots and lots of thanks to Kristine
for posting for me yesterday!

[6 eggs + 3 in the dirt]
Bad girls!

(Yeah, gotta keep smil'n)


lisa said...

I am glad that you are feeling good enough to post. Glad to have you back!! Good pictures and post. You do pretty darn good.

Kathleen said...

I love all your pictures. It is good to have you non-migrainey. Bleh, I remember what they were like for you when I was little.
Love you, Mom. :D

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Yeah those migraines take a lot out of you! I'm glad your feeling somewhat better!
I hpe you dont have to take the medicine. I've put off getting it for mine, I hate the way some of them make you feel, kinda like a walking zombie...almost worse than the migraine...uh, no okay not worse but really stinks anyway!