Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just Sit'n

This is what I see during the day when I check the nest boxes for eggs. I think some of the hens are getting broody because I catch them just sitting in the straw. I hope they don't go broody because then I will have to go through breaking them of that cycle.
Here is another one! This is a Buff Brahma. Maybe I should borrow a rooster from someone, but we don't really want anymore chickens and I don't like bringing new chickens into the flock because I worry about introducing sickness. 

The sick hen is still the same except now she is clucking. I suppose that is a good sign? She ate and drank and moved around a bit more. I kept her in the carrier again today and tonight. Hope she is better tomorrow.
[7 eggs today]
+ plus one in the driveway


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