Monday, June 29, 2009

Fumblefoot The Klutzy Chicken

So, I was out in the dark checking on the girls tonight looking for late eggs. There are a few hens who lay eggs very late in the day. As I am checking (in the dark) under the hen my fingers hit what I think is chicken poo. Yick! Ah! I should have brought a flashlight, but I have my trusty camera. So, I take a photo.
It's a broken egg! That would have made 10 eggs today. So, now I'm back to wondering if there are hens eating eggs or just clumsy? I'm going to vote for clumsy because if the hen was eating the egg she would have eaten the shell and all the messy bits. I hope that is the story! The hens have a feeder full of oyster shell. So the problem shouldn't be thin shells. Maybe the egg broke when the hens try to sit in the same spot? Hmmm?
Before I left I took some more photos inside the pen. I even took one of the fencing on the pen roof and got this shot of a big cobweb. Neat web. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the hundreds so my plan is to go out and shoot down all the webs with the hose. We'll see how it goes.
Screamer wants me to leave and let her get back to sleep.
I'm going...

[9 eggs today]
None in the dirt!


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lisa said...

Great shot of the last chicken!! Good luck with the webs.