Sunday, August 01, 2010

Noisy Hen/Roo And Noisy Me Clearing Stuff Out

 Hen/Roo has been very upset today for some chicken reason known only to herself and her coop sisters. Kristine caught her in a nest box yesterday sitting on an egg. So, did she lay the egg or appropriate it from one of the other hens? We wonder? But we know Hen/Roo is the noisiest hen... rooster... ?

Click here for an article about a rooster who became a hen. So, it works both ways. I wonder if Hen/Roo could change back. I suppose it depends on why she changed in the first place.

Today I made a video of her squawking, but it wouldn't load. (I'm using the new editor) I did take this photo of Hen/Roo and click here is an older video of Hen/Roo in a post about my teddy bear chair. Her squawking has gotten louder.

There was some very loud squawking from several hens going on earlier that had me and then Kristine running out of the house to see if there had been a fox attack.

But, no, we  counted the chickens and they were all there. Maybe they have figured out that I give them scratch (so I can count them) when they make a commotion.

We should have believed Morgan because she wasn't upset. She knows chicken language and knew there wasn't a predator after the hens.
Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it. ~ Anonymous
I guess I am the only one who cares what it looks like under the kitchen sink. I'm glad I had already used some vinyl squares to cover the cupboard floor. That saved me some time because the vinyl makes it easy to wipe clean.

Well, as part of my cleaning/clearing out program I tackled the "stuff." I got rid of things (sorry no photo) I wasn't using, consolidated others (why did I have two boxes of Brillo,) and moved the salt and dog food to the new cupboard.

Earlier in the day I was noisy as I was dragging and moving "stuff" and clearing out a storage room and got it ready to paint tomorrow. But, first I will need to do some clearing away of monster spider webs. I can see me on the ladder tomorrow wielding the vacuum wand high over my head. Maybe I can get Kristine to steady the ladder for me. 

My next place to empty out is the closet next to the front door. I'm going to take everything out of the closet and only put back in things I'm using. The closet will no longer be a place to store "stuff."

There is some interesting stuff in that closet like my Dad's old fishing rod that is over 60 years old. I wonder what else I'll find? No spiders, please.

This corner cabinet on the end of the island used to be the upper kitchen cabinet over the counter. It is much more useful here. Sometimes I can't believe I tore all the cabinets off the wall and used them to build out the island. I tore down the laundry cabinets and put them up on the wall in the kitchen, took off the doors, painted and presto cheerful cabinets. And I don't have to keep fighting with cabinet doors. That's a plus.

P.S. Thank you to Marie Anne at In The Garden With Sow-n-Sow for the blog awards. She has a great blog about gardening and her chickens. And she writes! 

Peek at the Past
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(August 1, 2009)
I still use the pins.
I painted the table top.

[5 eggs today]



Melodie said...

Had to laugh at your closet! Boy,does it sound familiar,I may have some of those kind of closets at my house too,lol!

LindaG said...

I hope I don't find a lot of spiders when we go back to our property in October. There are still a LOT of BIG spider webs to clear out though.
One room at a time is all I'm doing though. I get too depressed otherwise. :|

Glad there was nothing wrong with the chickens! :)

The Chicken Keepers said...

We have a hen that seems to be growing a bigger comb and longer tail, that seems to start to curl. Strange stuff! lol(:

The Chicken Keepers

John Gray said...

if someone culd make my cockerels into hens I would KISS that person straight on the lips!!!

Jabacue said...

Great quote Callie about true! I'm always coming across spider webs this time of year...inside the house. Outside they are everywhere...but they do catch a lot of mosquitoes and stuff.
My grandmother used to say: 'A woman's work is never done.' There ya go.

lisa said...

No matter how often I try to organize or clean under the sink it never seems to last for very long, especially when you have three other people digging into that cubboard!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Those are some pretty smart chickens.. They are just like children. Yell and you come...
You are doing a great job of cleaning. Mom thought she was doing good to clean the ceiling fan and the overhead shelves in the living room.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of work to clean and organize. Every once in a while I get on a kick to "clear the clutter", but this isn't one of those times!


Joycee said...

I couldn't belive the link, a rooster to a hen! I'm loving your blog...chickens are my "thing!" Come back and visit Granny Mountain often and thanks so much for following my ramblings!

Porch Days said...

It looks really neat under your sink. I bought a large plastic drawer and put it under my sink. It make a good place to keep extra sponges, scrubbies, silver polish and all the little things that can be hard to find. And I can put things on top and use all the space.

Thanks for being a follower on Porch Days. I hope I can be as entertaining as you are!