Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Automatic Chicken Waterer

Kristine brought home a new automatic waterer to replace the one we have that has a slow leak. The leak probably happened because of the times the temps dropped and the water froze and cracked the plastic.

I painted all day in Kristine's room today and my arm is a bit tired, so maybe tomorrow I'll take the day off and spend it with the chickens and install the new waterer.

This one is made to hang by slipping the back over a fence board. I hope it will reach the gate because I'm sure it will fit on one of the supports. If not, then I will get to do a bit of building with a 2x4 to get it to hang properly.

I would like to build something to keep the chickens from roosting on the box and pooping in it. I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow.

I'll have to remember to empty this waterer when the temps drop. The chickens would rather have me bring them warm water anyway.

The owl is really supposed to be in the garden, but we don't want to scare the birds in the green garden so it is a house owl until I ever get an actual veggie garden that really needs the birds frightened away.

Thank you for the comments! At the rate I'm going I worry it is going to be winter before I have time to answer and read blogs.  Well, until it starts raining anyway.

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(August 18, 2009)

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lisa said...

cool, never heard of a waterer for chickens like that! I have used your idea with hanging my feeders and water! Works great!

Knatolee said...

Hey, very nifty waterer!

Homesteadgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my space, and for following! Love the name of your don't know how often I say to my kids, "Go chase the chickens off the porch!"...they're lured by cat kibble and I have yet to build a gate to keep them OFF! This coming winter will be our first with hens...we just use rubber buckets to water the ducks (after my husband used every tin and plastic pail we owned and they subsequently froze and cracked...)so hope these will work with the hens too!

Canyon Girl said...

You are getting so much painting and stuff done while I sit here and read blogs! Have a great day!--Inger

Flat Creek Farm said...

That is one cool waterer. Hope you will post your invention for prevention of poop in the water :) Oh, those little poopers...!! :D -Tammy

Chicken Boys said...

I am our automatic chicken waterer. When it's hot I run the hose till the hot water is gone. When it's cold, I bring hot water from the house to melt the ice. An automatic one would be nice, but I've got about 8 or so different coops to water, as some are paired off.

Those owls never seem to work. We had one here at work, as the birds were crapping all over the loading docks. But they just laughed at it.

John Gray said...

i would love one of these ( well probablyI would need around 4!

can we see a video of it working?

Anonymous said...

That will be nice to get rid of the leaky waterer. I had that problem with frozen pipes to my cattle tank. We started replacing it in March. I'm hoping we actually get it installed before winter now!