Thursday, August 12, 2010

Painted The Entry

Blogger is giving me a run around asking me to sign in over and over and then not giving me access to my blog. I reset Safari and Blogger let me back in so I can post. I guess it is a Safari issue.

I took the goat down and Kristine held up the shelf and Kristine and I decided that the goat looks better where it is and the shelf looks better at the end of the counter.

The cups are different sizes and didn't fit on the selves, so Kristine tried out the spices and I like the look. The shelf is just leaning against the wall for now because I am spending my time painting and not hanging the shelf. I finished painting the entry. Tomorrow I'm back to painting in the kitchen.

Before I painted the entry walls I needed to get the cobwebs down and tried different things and then remembered reading once I think on Tanya's blog about how they cleaned cobwebs at a temple in Japan with branches so I went on a search for a long pine branch and it works great at knocking down the cobwebs.

I'm going to duct tape some branches on the end of a long pole and use that to get the cobwebs that are way, way up high. Well, not tomorrow, but soon.

Kristine and I watched One Piece again tonight and ate Chinese food that she brought for dinner. She is so sweet. We are up to watching episode fifteen.
Time for bed.

Peek at the Past
Memories - My favorite old things...
(August 12, 2009)

[ 4 eggs today]



Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Callie it looks as though you are pecking right along and getting things like you want them. Love the cob web branch! :)

lisa said...

Speaking of cobwebs, I should do mine! The shelf looks great, good idea with the spices!

Melodie said...

YOu are really coming along on your painting! I have such painting burn out! Hey...want to come to my house....!

Toni aka irishlas said...

You sure are making progress with your painting. Good for you!

I like the idea of using branches for cobwebs.. I wonder if soft juniper branches would work? It would sure smell good. I'm gonna have to give it a go.

Jennifer said...

That clean the cobwebs with branches is a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

You are getting so much done. I must say I like the spices on the shelf, and that is one cute goat.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Callie!!
I can tell that fall is coming as the light inside the house has changed and I've noticed a few cobwebs--Instead of getting a ladder to get them down, I'll try your idea instead! You are also inspiring me to get some painting started before winter too!!