Friday, August 06, 2010

Chickens Dusting And Me Cutting Up Trim Boards

This morning the chickens marched out of their coop, across the driveway, past their regular dusting spot and found a new spot in the sun to dust bathe.

The hens are camera shy.
As soon as I got my camera ready to take pictures
most of them got up and left.

I spent some of the day searching up trim boards and cutting them on the miter saw. Morgan wanted to come in the house. Please. I kept going in and out carrying the boards back and forth to make new cuts. She wanted to come in too.

She is in the house now rolling around on her back on her bed.
She's so funny.

I didn't do any painting today. Just cutting boards, climbing up and down the ladder, and trips outside to make cuts. The miter saw makes this a lot easier. I used to make the cuts by hand.

I have a couple of little places to fill... maybe. If I can find some boards the right size.

My brother and his wife used to use this space as a really neat place for their parrots to live. They had large planter boxes on both sides with plants that were parrot friendly. It was a wonderful place for the parrots. I remember one they called Turnup because when you put him on your arm the parrot would always move his feet until he was hanging upside down. Cute.

It is hard to tell from this photo that I did anything. But there is trim around, above and over the slider. I put trim in the corners and around other places. I should have brought the miter saw inside and saved myself a lot of walking, but I don't like the sawdust flying all over and I hate to wear masks.

A nail gun would make life easier. I had a lot of bent nails until I started drilling holes first. I still bent some of the nails.  I'm not that good with a hammer, but I finally got the boards nailed up.

Maybe I will paint tomorrow or I might take the day off... or I still need to change the nest boxes. There's always stuff that needs doing. Happy weekend.

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Lucy said...

Sounds like a neat day to me.

lisa said...

You are such a handy person, wish I was just as handy at that sort of thing. I need some shelving done. (someday it will get done after all the outside stuff is done that is)

Marie Anne said...

Chickens taking a good dust bath is one of the funniest things to watch. Also when they're sunning themselves, with wings all spread out.

I've got cute pics of my flock doing both. I'll have to put them up in a future blog post.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ You've got a great idea to work inside while it's so hot outside. I hadn't thought about that , got a few projects I need to start on. I think I'll start Monday , then I can work outside when the weather gets cooler.
I've been letting my chickens out to free range since the plants in the garden are big enough that they can't destroy them. They love to dust under one of our outbuildings since it's always dry underneath it.

~ Many Blessings ~

Carol............. said...

Dust bathing...that's funny!

Now that things have dried up in good old Washington my hens are "digging" holes everywhere! LOL

Little Messy Missy said...

I love when they dust bath, it cracks me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan sounds like my Mushu. He wants to go in and out with me every time the door opens. He usually ends up on the wrong side begging to join me. Silly dogs.