Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rain Check Please

Rain... first thing I did this morning was (here's a switch, I got up early when Kristine did) go out and put the chicken feed inside the coop out of the rain.

I tossed lots of scratch out in the pen to give the chickens something to keep them busy. The hens have to stay locked up today (and are not happy about it) so I can keep Morgan inside the house instead of leave her outside watching the chickens and getting all wet and smelly. Not good.

As I hurried back to the porch to move boxes, lumber, and stuff inside, I tried to get a photo of the dark sky threatening rain and the chicken flag flapping in the wind, but as soon as I went to take the picture the wind stopped. Wind moving the flag is a big deal. I can see the wind blowing the tops of the trees around, but the wind seldom makes it down to flag level unless there is a storm on the way.

I'm calling in a rain check due to the weather changing from over 100 two days ago to drizzle today and (real rain forecast tomorrow) messing up my plans for sorting and getting rid of stuff. By this, I mean I want more summer days so I can finish up painting and my outside work.

I scurried around hauling boxes and things off the porch back inside the old spa house and the "in between" area.

Sigh... my nice painted room (the "in between") is all messed up again. Well, if I can believe the forecast we are supposed to be back in 80+ degree weather starting Monday.

Gee... then I get to haul all the stuff back outside. Whoopee...
Argh! I covered some of this stuff up with plastic in case the skylight leaks. I guess I could look on this rain as a test for getting ready for winter rain and snow. Leaks? I hope not.

I was exhausted after rushing around and picking up heavy things and carrying them. I tried resting on the couch and reading, but it was cold and we haven't fired up the wood stove yet, so I put on my winter knitted cap and went back to bed... somewhere in there I made tea and read. Hard to believe Summer is almost over... (Autumn is September, October and November.)

I hope September gives us some nice warm dog days. 
I'm going back to bed.

Peek at the Past
I did send a card.
(August 28, 2009)

[5 eggs today]



Anonymous said...

Hope you don't have any leaks and you get your chance to finish your work.


Melodie said...

Well I wish someone would tell Texas autumn starts in September,lol!Take care of your self,you haven't been super well lately, about getting run down a chilled!

Knatolee said...

I can't deal with summer being over yet, but already the nights are getting cold!

Hope you get some good fall weather. I love your chicken flag!

Jennifer said...

I'm wishing for warm dog days too!

Little Messy Missy said...

A knitted hat, book, tea and bed sounds great to me! Soup season is sneaking up a lot faster then I would like!

Lorilee said...

I'm so happy that we are getting rain here too!

Canyon Girl said...

I'm way south of you, at the tail end of the Sierras, and it rained like crazy here the other day. And stormed and hailed too. It was really cold today. I love fall here in the mountains, so I'm looking forward to it.--Inger