Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting And Watermelon For The Chickens

Today I painted the entry area under the stairs. I need to cut another piece of base board. I built a place for a twin bed behind this short wall. It needs a new mattress or foam cut like I have in the motor home.

Next I decided to paint the counter I built for the computer and printer.
Those are two bookcases I hooked together and put up on the counter. The bookcases reach up to the ceiling and since they fit so well (I didn't measure) I went ahead and put them up there. I took out the bottom shelves so the computer stuff fits.

I moved all the stuff that was cluttering up the area. Going through all  the accumulated paper and bits and pieces is going to be a job. I didn't want to  disconnect everything so I will have to move the  keyboard and other stuff to painted areas and finish painting tomorrow.

I stopped for a watermelon break which meant the chickens got the leavings for a treat. This winter I'm going to paint the little chairs some bright colors. The grandkids enjoyed being able to use the little table when they were visiting and I like the look of having it setting by the window.

Maybe I'll move my stuffed bear family out here eventually to sit around the table.

Peek at the Past
(August 17, 2009)

[5 eggs today]



LindaG said...

You are definitely a MUCH faster painter than I am. Congratulations on all you've gotten accomplished. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that is such a cute idea to put the bear family at the table. I am so amazed at how creative and skilled you are at all this remodeling. I stink at that stuff!


Knatolee said...

Watermelon is one of our girls' favourite treats!