Monday, August 30, 2010

Dug = Morgan

Kristine and I watched an UP DVD today and when we saw Dug look for the squirrel we both quickly came to the conclusion that Dug is Morgan in disguise. Morgan does the squirrel head move just like Dug does and she acts like him too when she wiggles and gets excited. Yep! Morgan and Dug are definitely closely related.

This is "Lonely," a Dark Brahma hen, at the bottom of the pecking order of sixteen chickens and is sadly put upon by the rest of the chickens.

The other hens chase her away from any food she finds and generally keep her off by herself.

She has taken to staying on the porch by the slider in hopes I think of being first at any treats I toss out and also because she is out of the way of the bossy Wyandottes. Sometimes a Buff comes up and spends some time with her. I gave her some apple slices today.

One of the Wyandottes is molting! She looks so terrible. Hope the chickens manage to get through their molts before the cold weather begins. It is already starting to get cold at night.

Illinois University Extension has an informative web site full of questions and answers. Lots of things I didn't know.

 This whole sorting through boxes for stuff to keep and stuff to give or throw away is turning my brain to mush.

I tried doing the sorting inside today and this is as far as I got before I had to quit. I don't know what it is but I can't seem to do this inside, but when I take the boxes out on the porch I can empty the boxes quickly. Strange but true.

Peek at the Past
Hope we don't get any fires this year.
(August 30, 2009)

[4 eggs today]



Jennifer said...

Lonely... is cute, poor girl getting picked on.

Melodie said...

Poor Lonely! Just think how nice it will be to finally be done with all your sorting,you will be decluttered for the winter!

LindaG said...

Poor chicken. Hope she's healthy.
Slow but sure wins the race. At least you're making headway. :)

John Gray said...

when I was a kid I looked just like that fat little puddin

Mike said...

i love that movie!

Anonymous said...

They always look so funny when they're molting!


Nancy K. said...

the clip is cute.

Doesn't it just break your heart when the chickens ostracize one like that? I love my chickens but have a real hard time dealing with how mean they can be sometimes.

Mother Nature is SO cruel!