Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knobs, Aprons And Hall Wall Painted

The wall is painted!
And I put another coat of paint on the shelf. I'll put a third coat on tomorrow and hope it dries quickly so I can hang it in the kitchen. I want to play with the shelves and see what cups and glasses will fit. Maybe cup hooks on the bottom shelf?

I hung up my chicken aprons finally. They have been in a drawer and I never opened the drawer so I never wore the aprons.

Yesterday, I put up a towel rack that is really a minor disaster waiting to happen. There was only room for one screw on each end, so I expect the whole thing to come crashing to the floor some day. But it is nice to have a towel near the work area in the kitchen.

Today I put the knobs on the doors. I made a template so I wouldn't have to measure or eyeball the placement and that worked out great.

Tomorrow, the plan is for more painting. I'm going to paint the wall next to the wood stove with the Apricot Seashell paint and cover the orange. I only bought that paint because it was the only orange paint they had up here and I wanted some color on the wall. The orange does brighten the area and it works well color wise with all the dark brown beams and wood in the house. But! The Apricot Seashell color is really what I wanted in the first place, so I have a wall and the entry to paint.

Kristine is bringing home hamburgers and fries for dinner. Tom is bringing tri-tip and french bread. I have steamed broccoli. Sounds like a fun made up dinner.

Peek at the Past
You can see the Apricot Seashell color and the orange.
(August 10, 2009)
Same link as yesterday.

[3 eggs today]



diane said...

Wow you did well today and deserved a special dinner.

Mountain Woman said...

It looks lovely.

lisa said...

Looks beautiful, Callie! Dinner sounds good too! We have been working on trying to get the outside buildings and we haven't even started about redoing the interior of the house yet. I thought I would wait until the kids are gone. Three more and my son will be out of highschool!

Jennifer said...

Looks nice and pretty, Good Job :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should get taken out to eat as much work as you've been doing. It looks great!