Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hungry Chickens

Chickens in a hurry!

This is what I see when I go outside. The chickens see me and make a dash to where ever I am and then follow me around.

They act like I never feed them. Poor starving chickens.

This is what they love...
Scratching up scratch that I toss on the ground. I throw the corn out in handfuls into four different spots so the bossy hens don't eat it all. 

I still haven't got out to the coop and changed the straw. I'm bad. I covered up the old straw with new straw and promised the chickens I would be back to work in the coop as soon as I get done painting in the house.

There is a definite feeling of Fall in the air. It is supposed to heat back up in a few days, but I think we are going to have an early Autumn and Winter this year. Kristine said that the birds that migrate have already left. I want to get the painting finished while I can still leave the windows open at night.

I painted away the orange and now the wall is a lovely apricot color. I'm going to paint the entry tomorrow and would like to paint the insides of the upper kitchen cupboards too. Maybe I'll have enough time if I get started early.

The other reason I decide to go with orange when I picked up the paint last year is because the kitchen area in the den area is orange formica. And instead of painting it or getting a new counter over there I thought I would just go with the color.

There is a small area over the slider in the entry that I will keep orange. I'll paint the other three walls apricot. I'm having fun painting. I'm slow because I'm painting with a brush. There are so many windows and doors that trying to paint with a roller would be a waste of time and paint. I'd have to clean the roller and there would be a lot of paint lost in the roller. 

The shelf is painted again and I'm letting it dry overnight before I try and hang it tomorrow.   

Peek at the Past
Poor Morgan
(August 11, 2009)

[4 eggs today]



OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe ... I have a few white Bantams which I keep mainly as a form of insect control ...

I made a big mistake when I taught them to come for food when I whistle - now whenever I'm working outside and I absent-mindedly start whistling a tune I'm instantly surrounded by a bunch of expectant birds ...

I also have to stand guard over my cats when I feed them otherwise the chickens chase them away and eat their food ...

Sunshine Mom said...

that's so funny! we always say that about our chickens--they act like we never feed them! they go especially crazy when we give them a banana. it's their favorite treat!

lisa said...

Orange is good. That happens to be one of the hubbies favorite color along with neon green ;)

Melodie said...

Lucky you !I wish there was a feeling of fall here! I have been trying to paint my cabinets too...sigh...what I lack is focus!

Jennifer said...

Hungry Chickens, lol. Arent they ALWAYS!!! Mine act like I never feed them either... Lil Pigs :)

I like Orange, cheerful.

Karin said...

We find our chickens are a continual source of amusement, too. I wonder what they think about us?

There seems to be a touch of Autumn in the air here in the South of England, too, with cooler mornings and evenings, whatever the daytime weather, although that seems more unsettled, too.

Little Messy Missy said...

Wow painting it all with a brush, boy that sounds like a big job! Happy painting!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Its a good idea of throwing corn on all directions so each one gets its fee.