Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Automatic Chicken Waterer Is Installed

The leaky waterer is the one hanging and the area looks dry because the water has been turned off but not disconnected. I had to bring out a large pliers to get the hose loose.

This is the closest I have seen a chicken get to the new waterer and that is as close as she got.

I misunderstood when Kristine said I could hook the waterer on the fence. It does have hooks, but they are for hooking over the type of wire on hog panels.

I used the wing nuts and metal washers provided to attach it to the anchor fence.

I think I will add some more chicken wire  above the waterer so a raccoon can't wait for a chicken to come for a drink and then reach in and grab the hen.

To discourage the chickens from roosting and fouling the water I drilled some holes in the top of the old waterer and hung it over the new setup. I may have to lower the top a bit more if the hens mess up the water.

Kristine tried to find a poultry waterer, but this is all they had and I think this is really an all purpose waterer that could be used for dogs, cats, etc. But, at least it doesn't leak.

I will post some more photos of chickens actually using the waterer when the hens decide they want to drink from the new fountain.

And I would like to post a video of the hens drinking (thanks for the idea John at Going Gently) if I can figure out how with the new editor. Of course, I could always go back and use the old editor and see if that will work.

No painting today. I didn't feel very good or like it was a good day for me to be up on a ladder. I worked around the house doing laundry and cut some plexiglass for the computer counter top... that's another post.

Peek at the Past
(August 19, 2009)

[5 eggs today]



Anonymous said...

Goodness. It seems like you did a lot of work today. I have my chickens' water in heated dog bowl or heated five-gallon bucket over the winter. They have to share with the ducks, and they don't like that. You can only have so many heated waterers though.


Wonky Girl said...

Interesting water set-up you shared. My backyard hens prefer big bowls full of water, they never tip or soil so will stick with bowls. I have them sitting under low trees and bushes.
Thanks for stopping by to mention white ear lobes and white eggs. Yes, two hens have white lobes! But they are buff orpingtons. Guess I was wrong about all orps laying brown eggs. Go figure! LOL