Monday, August 23, 2010

Clearing Out Stuff, Carting Away Stuff, And Finding Stuff

Yep... I'm in the midst of carrying boxes of stuff out to be sorted through and then the stuff either gets taken to the dump or to Goodwill where I hope it has another life being of use.

Having stuff packed away for years doesn't help out anyone. People that could use the stuff can't get at it and I can't find it when I want to use it. How many time we have bought things that I knew we had pack away.

I wished we hadn't moved stuff up here when we moved houses, but it is hard to get rid of things after over thirty years. But I'm in the getting rid of things mood, so things are going to go.

This getting rid of stuff does lead to frayed nerves when people don't want to get rid of things. I like to go with, "keep the memories and get rid of the stuff," unless the stuff is valuable, lovely or important. Hard to do sometimes.

The photo is of part of a stand alone hammock. I love finding things I had forgot about or didn't know where they were. Now that I found it I'm going to set it up and use it for a snooze tomorrow. I'm tired. Those boxes are heavy. Early to bed tonight.

I thought these chicks were just too cute!
Japan, the elderly and robot pets.

Peek at the Past
Hope it doesn't rain this year until I get rid of all the boxes.
(August 23, 2009)

[3 eggs today]



Jody Blue said...

So much better to be the one doing the weeding out...I am thinking I need to start the way to I want my kids to do the weeding for me or asking each other "what in the world were mom and dad thinking when they kept this?!?"

LindaG said...

Good luck to you! My hubby and I are both sort of pack rats. :)