Sunday, August 08, 2010

Morgan Attacked By Chicken - Poor Dog

This afternoon I took the camera and went out to collect eggs and give the chickens a treat.  Morgan as usual watched the hens eating the scratch I had tossed out in a shady place.

The Wyandotte that Morgan is looking at took offense and flew at Morgan while making lots of chicken noise and trying to peck her. I guess it was something like, "Back off dog... you can't have my corn!" It happened so fast I couldn't get a photo.

Morgan left the chickens and headed for the trees. Poor Morgan... Kristine has seen that mean ol' Wyandotte chase her before.

I followed Morgan to see what she would do and found her at one of her favorite pastimes. I like to think of it as Morgan keeping the squirrels in the trees or squirrel herding. When she finds them she will follow the squirrels from tree to tree.

After a hard day watching squirrels and chickens Morgan likes some quiet time on this bed next to me and the computer. Well, what she really likes is my foot. She parks herself under my foot so I will give her a foot rub. Then she lays down and makes herself comfy on her bed. Tonight she even made herself a pillow. Morgan is talented. 

Tom and Kristine left today for a visit to her grandmother. I took the day off and watched Agatha Christie shows on YouTube. Later I did take the time to put on the magnetic catches.

I started with this door because we hardly ever open it because it is mostly full of the gas piping for the cook top. I've been thinking it might make a good spot for a removable spice rack that would fit in front of the pipe. Maybe this winter I could do that.

It was a good thing I started with this cupboard because I made a lot of mistakes: chipped the paint when I drilled too close to the edge, picked a spot the drill couldn't fit at a right angle, and picked the top board that turned out to be too narrow. I needed to use the board on the side which thankfully was thicker. After I made all the oops here I put the other catches on without any problems. But now I find that the doors need knobs. The catches really work and make it difficult to open the door. Kristine said she would look for some tomorrow when she was out and about.

Kristine and I have been watching One Piece online. It is an anime that has been running in Japan for over ten years. Once I got past the poor translation and got used to the animation style I find that I am liking this show very much. 

Peek at the Past
(August 8, 2009)

[4 eggs today]
1 thin shelled broken



lisa said...

OOps are always made with good intentions! At least you can do it. I have to start making myself do things like that myself as the hubby is working a lot of hours and days and doesn't have the time to do a lot of the little maintenance things!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Callie!! How many projects do you have going at any one time? I continue to admire you for all you do and get done--I couldn't even get a set of dishes put away this weekend! :-)
I guess Morgan said something that the chicken didn't like huh? Glad she's okay!!
Hope your week is off to a good start!!

Melodie said...

Poor Morgan,all she does is watch over her chickie friends and that mean ole Bossy Hen was giving her attitude!

LindaG said...

Hehe. You mentioned that Morgan likes to eat the scratch. I am guessing the Wyandotte was indeed telling Morgan to find her own treat. :)

Canyon Girl said...

What a cute picture of Morgan keeping the squirrels in the tree! My Angel sits in the window and barks at the ground squirrels (all we have here) until they dive down in their holes.--Inger

JoyceAnn said...

Enjoyed the story about Morgan and the fearless chicken (LOL).