Saturday, August 07, 2010

Finished Painting The "In Between"

It's mid afternoon. I can tell by looking at these chickens in what I call "the huddle." The hens have their daily routine and don't vary from it very often. The rest of the hens are close, but these hens fit in the photo.
Later, when it is almost dark just before the hens go in the coop to roost for the night most of the chickens will gather near the coop door.

But the huddle is a time to fluff and straighten feathers and make themselves beautiful. I guess it's like a bunch of girls heading off to the powder room together.

I mixed up the paint (3 gallons) and finished painting the room. I even had a half gallon left over. I love this paint because it is so easy to wash the brush and roller with water, covers in one coat, and the container has a side handle and screw on lids. 

There are some places that are just not meant to be cleaned. The back of the water heater, behind the washer and dryer, and behind this vacuum canister thing. I decided not to try and paint behind it either. I'll try and get the cobwebs, but that's it for cleaning. 

I'm really supposed to be finishing up working in the kitchen. I still have the top cupboard to paint. But, I wanted a place to put all my tools, so I painted this room so I could move my little work table in here and fill it up with my stuff.

The middle of this room is finished. It still needs some kind of flooring and the top of the room needs something. It is very high and I'm a bit afraid to climb up there and try and paint. So, for now the cobwebs I can't reach will have to stay. I would like to have scaffolding.

I love the light from skylight!  This room is an enclosed walkway... not really a room. We call it "the in between."But, I like it painted much better than the way it was before.

Next project is to go back to working in the kitchen. Tom picked up some magnetic catches for the cupboard doors. I can put those on tomorrow. That will be enough... I'm tired. I'll take the day off.

I've come up with some new ideas for finishing the top cupboards. Open shelving. I need some more boards. Hope I can find some around here.

Kristine wrote up her experience about when a bear tried to get our chickens (and some other home alone stories) and she chased the bear away. I didn't know there were two dog pans and that she drove around the property. Click here if you want to read her post.

Peek at the Past
(August 7, 2009)

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diane said...

The girls look funny all fluffed up ready for the night.
The paint job looks good too.It didn't take you long to do that.

lisa said...

You have been busy! Looks nice!

Anonymous said...

What brand paint did you use? One coat coverage sounds grand. I need to do some painting!

Canyon Girl said...

You accomplished a lot -- painting a room isn't easy. Your chickens are adorable. I didn't know they were creatures of habits. I love to learn new things reading blogs.

LindaG said...

I'd definitely like to know what paint you used. I am just getting started and a single coat sounds really good. :)

Congrats on getting so much done!

The Chicken Keepers said...

Paint job looks great! Kind of funny how you said the girl are going to "the powder room" together. Soo true!

Anonymous said...

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