Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since I was painting I didn't collect eggs today until late afternoon and I found a surprise. Seven eggs!

Six eggs were laid in the top nest boxes. Three eggs in the left nest, one in the middle and two in the right side nest. I guess that makes the left side nest the most popular with the hens.

There was one egg in the middle nest box area next to the white crate. I also disturbed a Wyandotte who was bedding down early for the night.

There were also a few early to bed hens in the coop already up on the roosts. I love how the hens quietly cluck at me when I go in the coop and they are sleepy.

I like to think they go to bed early so they can pick out their favorite roosting spot.

See, seven eggs.
And some of my favorite things.
I love those old amber desert plates.

And here is the scary paint job.
I was running out of the tan paint and since it is water base I added a bit of water and just barely managed to put a thin coat on the front of the cabinets. I'll put on a second coat when I get another can of paint.

The shelves are painted and are drying outside on the porch. Tomorrow the plan is to only put back stuff on the shelves that we use everyday or at least once a week. I'm aiming to try and eliminate cabinet clutter. No more storing stuff on the shelves.

Peek at the Past
(August 15, 2009)

[7 eggs today]



JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ I guess the girls do like their new nest box , their egg count shows it.
The shelves look great!

~ Many Blessings ~

Melodie said...

I have several chickens that go the bed before the rest...I do believe it is to get their favorite spot on the roost!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I go to bed early so I can get a good spot too because it's usually the same one our dog Rudi wants! :-) I continue to love reading about your chickens--I almost bought some on Saturday but my husband wouldn't let me...Part pooper!! The cabinets are looking great Callie!!

LindaG said...

Room looks great! Good luck with not storing stuff. If there is an open space, my hubby has to fill it. ;)

Jennifer said...

I love the nest boxes. I have chickens that go in early too, to get their favorite spot :)

The Chicken Keepers said...

Love the new nesting boxes! We need some new ones soon.

The Chicken Keepers

Anonymous said...

Those nest boxes look great! I'm sure you made them very happy.

The kitchen is looking great. Every once in a while I go on a rampage to "clear the clutter."


Little Messy Missy said...

Nesting boxes look great!