Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain And Chicken Feed Shouldn't Mix

It was hot and humid today and I was feeling sleepy, and then I heard rain? My first thought as I hurried to get the camera was to get a picture, but the rain doesn't show up at all in the pic.

Like I said I felt sleepy and it took awhile for my brain to start working and remember I had put the chicken feed out in the pen earlier. Yikes! I don't want the feed to get damp and moldy and kill the chickens. I ran back out to the pen and put the chicken feed inside the coop. Things are still a mess in there from the skunk episode, but the smell is going away. The chickens were out under the trees and didn't care at all about the rain.
A few of the girls came to see what I was doing in the coop. I'm sure they were checking to see if I had a plastic bag. They know I carry veggie bits to them in plastic so they will come running and will jump and peck at the plastic when they see it. They are not such dumb birds after all. Poor girls. I think they are pretty smart.

Later I came back with a veggie treat. I didn't even have to call them today because a few spotted me and started sounding off and that brought the other hens running. I had to hurry to stay in front because I didn't want to trip over them and then we had a mad crush to all get in the pen at the same time. What was I thinking? I seldom bring the treats out to the pen. It must be the humidity.
The girls were in a hurry to grab a piece of veggie and take off with it, so by the time I got the camera working they were each off on their own. They eventually came back and finished off the squash bits and the zucchini. I wish they had some greens to eat in the woods, but everything has dried up.

I spent some time playing with my blog divvying up the sidebar blogs I like to read into like topics. I left a lot of the blogs under the Neat category. Those blogs are just really neat and fun to read. I put all the farm blogs together. I spent some years on my Uncles dairy farm and love and miss the farm life, so I enjoy reading the farm blogs very much. I put the quilting blogs together. I am a beginning quilter and learn a lot from them and enjoy reading all they share.

I'm still learning how to use blogger. So, once in awhile I check and see what I can add. I wish google had a counter I could just add by clicking on Add a Gadget. I don't like to mess around with pasting code. I'm afraid of messing it up and the blog would go poof.

[5 eggs today]


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Those are some happy chickens.
Mom grew up on a dairy farm too. Up early which hasn't changed. She still is at work at 5:30. Everyone thinks she is goofy..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

Your chickens are like dogs... Never thought they would be as attached at the hip like my dogs...

jaz said...

those chickens are so cute. one of my kids told me that chickens were stupid. i asked how she could know that when she never owned one. i hate it when people say animals are stupid. i just think some people are. it is so smart that they recognize the bag! thanks for the pics and the video!

diane said...

You sure have fun with those chickens!