Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here are two old rusty rakes that I decided to stick in the fence to slow critters down and for the rusty old atmosphere. Next time I see some old rakes at a garage sale I will pick them up and add them to the other side of the fence. Something got in my little green garden and ate some of the rose bushes. Didn't eat them all the way down to the ground, but did do a bit of pruning. The ivy has taken a few years, but has finally covered almost all of the wire fence.
This is another of the invisible things. How do I make tea? Photos of tea making? I broke my last teapot (the lid fell off and broke,) so I have come up with this easy peasy way. I'm so bad. I even broke Kristine's little teapot. I bumped the spout with something and it popped off.

I sanded cupboard doors to get them ready for painting with primer and I did a little bit of sheet rocking on the other side of the island. Mostly, I took the day off. I did put up a few Halloween decoration, but I couldn't find them all.

[3 eggs today]
The chickens are enjoying the cooler Fall weather too!


lisa said...

I love to take a tea time sometimes!

jaz said...

what an ingenious way to fix your fence. i love finding new ways to use old things. that is what our ancestors did all time. nothing was ever wasted! go for it...put up halloween things!