Wednesday, September 09, 2009

No Egg And An Attitude

I was doing a little bit of my continuous building/sawing/drilling and oops fixing (fixing carpentry errors) today and got to crawling around in the back of some areas under the island I put together (that's another post) and found my goat. I must have put it back there a few years ago because I had forgot it and wondered where it had got to. Yuk! After washing off lots of dust I put it up and hung some kitchen stuff on the hooks. There used to be a kitchen cupboard on that wall, but it stuck out so far and made it dark, so I took it off and built it into the island. I would like a few shelves on the wall where the goat is to hold glasses and cups. I figure I can always move the goat over. I used to have it holding dish towels in the Santa Cruz Mountain house. We had dairy goats then and I was very happy to have found this little tin goat in a gift store, so, I bought it for me! Nice me! It used to have a sticker on it that said it was made in Haiti. I think that was it. I remember the clerk said they had lots of goats on the island. Anyway, it's cute and it makes me smile. I miss the goats, but I don't want to worry about them up here and bear attacks. I'm chicken. :)
There were no fresh laid eggs for my breakfast this morning. This Buff Brahma lady is holding out on me. Imagine? I had to use eggs from yesterday. I fear the days are fast approaching when the hens will decide it is time to stop laying and take a vacation. I'm not too sure what the girls are up to? Kristine said they did full body molts last year and did it late. Yeah... I kinda remember. I don't/didn't want to remember, so I didn't file much of that info. I really don't like looking at "naked" chickens. Poor things! Maybe they will just do a light molt? I'll talk to them about it.

[5 eggs today - late afternoon]


diane said...

I can see you are really into chickens. I don't know anything about them except that they lay eggs, but I have a friend who is interested in chickens. I will send him your blog address. He doesn't have a blog but he reads others. One day I will show him how to blog.

lisa said...

She was fiesty this morning! Like the island!