Saturday, September 05, 2009

Grandma Herding Chicken

I passed this table on the way to lock up the chickens and liked the look of the leaves that had appeared overnight. I could have picked up some prettier leaves and added them, but these are the ones that fell from the roof or blew up there. I like the table and the leaves add a nice touch. It feels and looks like Fall is really on its way. Kristine is even working on a cold. We usually get sick when the seasons change, especially in the Fall. She gets exposed to the public at the library and now at college. I hope her immune system stays strong and she kicks the cold this weekend. There were two Light Brahmas wandering
around outside the pen, so I resorted to
chicken herding. This is the second Brahma I "walked" to the pen. The first one was much louder and more vocal in letting me know I should go away and leave her along. And it took much longer to get her to the coop. This hen probably didn't want to be out by herself anyway, so moved along fairly quickly and didn't fuss too much. I should spend some time and train Morgan to do this.

[2 eggs today]

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Arlene said...

LOL I love the little video of the herding of the chicken!! LOL!!! Fantastic!! And congrats on the 2 eggs!! I do not have chickens but I have 6 cats and a dog....oh and a husband!!