Monday, September 07, 2009

Henny Penny?

Kristine asked me if I had seen Henny Penny. Well, she asked me if I had seen the Wyandotte with the duct tape. No. I hadn't noticed her for awhile, but then I hadn't been looking. So, this afternoon I went looking with my camera for the four Wyandottes. I can't tell Henny Penny from the other three. I found this Wandotte in the bottom old nest box. She looks pretty. Nice feathers!
Click this photo to find
the hen with fluffy feathers on her back.

Then I spent a long time calling the hens in the woods back to the coop to check out the feeders I had just filled. The hens gradually straggled in and were very happy to collect around the scratch feeder. I did have to herd in the one hen that was "stuck" on the other side of the fence. A Wyandotte. She either couldn't remember how to get in the coop or didn't want to?

I finally got a photo of the three Wyandottes in the pen. I think the top one is Henny Penny because of the fluffy feathers on her back. She didn't have any feathers on her back when I put the duct tape on. The way the duct tape is supposed to work is that the duct tape will fall off when the feathers grow in. Well, the duct tape is gone. If anyone is interested you can find out about Henny Penny and her duct tape episode by putting Henny Penny in the search box.
I also got a photo of Hen-Roo and she doesn't look any better. She still has her duct tape and her feathers look terrible. Kristine said she was always small and puny looking. I hope she gets some good looking feathers after she molts. She thinks she is a rooster. Poor thing.

[5 eggs today]



lisa said...

I am glad that they are all accounted for!!

DayPhoto said...

I have never heard the duct tape thing. I would have been afraid that the tape would pull off their skin.

This was good to know.


Arlene said...

I have never heard of the duct tape thing either!! Interesting story! Thanks!