Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Pretty Basket

I didn't notice that Morgan was watching me take this photo of my one Longaberger basket. It usually lives on top of the hoosier, but I like to put it on the table in the Fall. I bought the basket in 1988 at Sue's house party and I tried really hard not to buy anything, but I fell in love with the colors and the shape of the basket. I can't remember for sure the use this basket was made for, but I think it was for holding apples. I'm going to put out a few more Fall things tomorrow. Maybe I'll have some fun and put out Halloween stuff too.
Here is another of my favorite old things. I used to work near an old place that had a fence that was falling down and being removed. I liked the cut of the pickets and asked if I could have the old gate. Yep. I carted it up here. Goofy maybe, but I like the old gate.

[3 eggs today]
Chickens got carrot peelings, lettuce and tomatoes.
No dressing.


lisa said...

I love those kinds of baskets, but they are kind of expensive for me. I love the fence!

diane said...

I like the dog in the background. The old basket is interesting and would look good overflowing with apples. The gate is a great garden decoration.

Mountain Woman said...

I've been reading your blog posts and they are so enjoyable. I love Longaberger baskets and have 2 of them. I sure wish I could afford more of them because they are beautiful. I enjoyed the picture of yours.