Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This is a pretty Buff Brahma that I have been finding in the top old nest box. She has made a nice cozy nest for herself and I have been finding her there for about the last week. I guess she is broody or the cooler Fall weather has caused her to look for a warm spot. She lays medium dark brown eggs that I especially like for my breakfast. That look says go away I'm busy!
My brother built this house in the 70's and I guess there were no flush boxes made then for the heater control in those days. When we first move here I used to have something hanging over this box so I would notice it and not bump my head. For some reason I took it off and I'm sorry. I was looking somewhere else and crashed my forehead in to the side of it. Thank goodness I didn't hit the corner or that would have really caused a problem. A little ice pack and I'm fine, but...
I went and found something to hang over it again. These little pigs can do guard duty. Makes me feel like such a clutz.

[5 eggs today]



Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Just wanted to let you know that blogger did finally let me upload the pictures of the birdhouse gourds. I am clumsy but luckily I am also pretty short so I don't hit my head on things too often, but when I do, man that hurts!

DayPhoto said...

I like your saying from Plato. Sometimes I forget. And sometimes others forget. To have it posted is nice.


Callie said...

Jennifer: I need to be shorter. I went back and looked at all the gourds. Those are pretty neat. I think I will have to try that. I need to build some raised beds.

Linda: Thank your! Kristine reminded me today about a movie called (I think) Pay It Forward about how a school assignment grew into acts of kindness. (I didn't see it.) Plato was way ahead of us.