Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahhh... Poor Hens

You wouldn't know from looking that it rained yesterday. Look at that dry dirt and the crunchy leaves that the hens are scratching in looking for something good to eat. I feel so sorry for them. I don't even see any bugs. Most of the girls are off in the woods, but there is nothing green out there either. Yesterday, I saw one of the hens pecking away at a tree. I guess they find bugs in the bark?

Today I spent some time raking paths, working on the island, and I was going to re-screen the slider screen. But when I got the new screen out I noticed that it was aluminum. Oh, well. I will keep it and use it in the chicken coop for something. I want plastic screening.

The island is a challenge because it is all cobbled together from different pieces of cupboard and furniture and the measurements are off. This is what happens when I don't start with a plan. So, I get to play with it, fit it together and make it look like I had a plan. I took before photos to post when I get the thing nailed together and painted.

Kristine said there was a jumper on the bridge this morning, but she doesn't know if the police got them off or if they jumped. All the traffic was turned around and had to go the back way over the old bridge. Evidently there is something about a really high bridge, because people have been jumping ever since they built the thing.

[3 eggs today]


diane said...

Hope you and the girls get some decent rain soon.

Callie said...

Diane: Thanks for the rainy wishes. I'm hoping for a wet, wet winter and I hope it hurries up and gets here.

lisa said...

I also hope you get some rain! I can't wait to see your island! I bet it will look just great!

DayPhoto said...

My hens are moulting. They have stopped laying. Fall is such a hard time for chickens.