Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thirsty Myrtle

Since it is supposed to be up in the 90's this week I broke down and decided to water the myrtle along the driveway. I watered it once this summer when it got into the 100's and it has struggled along and survived fairly well. But it is looking poorly and I think it needed a drink to make it until the rains ever get here. I try to only have plants that are drought hardy and can make it through the summer, but sometimes they need some help. The hens seldom come down this far and I don't remember ever seeing them in among the myrtle . I'm very glad they don't eat it! I think I've said before that I read somewhere that plants that have purple flowers are not something that animals usually like to eat. Works for me.

Tanya (her blog) posted a photo of her kitchen awhile back and she had a wire rack over her sink that I thought was neat and something that I would like to use. I hardly ever get off this mountain to look for the item she has, so I thought I would try and put something together with what I could find around the place. I found two long racks that I used as cookie racks. I hauled them out and positioned them over the sink only to find that they barely reached from side to side. So, I positioned them so they overlapped in the middle and are supported on three sides. It works! I especially like how I can keep the wet cleaning things up so they can drip and dry. I can even dry eggs there!

[4 eggs today]

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Tanya said...

Hey! It looks like you found a good solution! Mine is a little short too and if I'm not careful it will shift a little and things go crashing into the sink. I'm getting good at carefully putting plates on it without shifting the rack.