Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Ready

I think it was Henry Ford who said that if you chopped your own wood you warm yourself twice. Well, this year, Tom, ordered in some wood all ready to be stacked in the woodshed, but he did get a workout carrying and stacking all the wood. Looks like he will be getting some more wood or he has plans to use some of our wood and split it with the splitter John left.

Some years the wood was delivered and dumped in a pile and left to dry over the summer. Other years, Tom, cut trees, split them, and stacked the wood. A few years we left the wood in a pile and covered it with tarps before the rain and snows. It is a lot nicer going out to the woodshed and getting wood than fighting with a tarp, especially if it is wet and has puddles or snow. I like that "squirrel storing away nuts" feeling of getting ready for winter.

The old dog food and chicken feed bags are full of kindling and the straw is there for me to use to freshen the hens nest boxes. Once in awhile, Tom, finds an egg or a broody hen in the shed when he is working out there, but the chickens don't make a habit of hanging out in the woodshed because it is usually shut up tight. The metal panels come off the back and the side behind the wood, so we can access the old wood and use it up first. Good thing, because it is the driest and burns best. We wait to have our first fire until we are having a heavy rain. I worry about sparks setting alight the dry forest and we for sure don't want any forest fires!

My brother built this shed originally to hold building supplies when he was building this house. Then he divided it and fixed this side up for a horse for his daughter. The other side is for feed and tools. There is something really neat about a woodshed stacked full of wood ready to keep us warm through the winter. Nice cosy feeling.

[4 eggs today]


diane said...

Its funny hearing you prepare for winter while we are anticpating the heat of summer. The weather is perfect here now but soon we'll need the aircondioning and that means big electricity bills. I guess I should be storing money in a shed for summer bills.

lisa said...

Yes, it is defiantly nicer to be able to get wood without having to fight a tarp! We finally built a wood shed last winter! It was so nice not to have to fight the tarp and frozen wood!

Deb said...

I agree with you Callie - I'd much rather have my wood in a woodshed. We haven't stacked ours inside yet - I'm hoping to get the boys to do that but haven't convinced them yet :)

Tanya said...

Love the wood picture! The cabin that my mother has had a woodshed (for the fireplace) but the wood was sort of thrown in haphazardly and it was dark with no lights or windows. I HATED going out there because I was sure there were rattlesnakes or rats or something. There probably were! Wonder why no one ever thought to stack the wood!

Callie said...

Tanya: Glad you never ran across a snake or rat. It is a lot of work to stack the wood and sometimes we don't, but it is nice to have it out of the weather. Some people stack the wood outside. Check this out: