Monday, September 28, 2009

Egg In A Basket

Neat! I saw a Wyandotte hen sitting in the basket this morning. I think she was happy to get her basket back. I was happy just not to smell skunk anymore. There is one wooden egg and she left a light colored egg. Strange. I always thought the Wyandottes laid medium brown eggs. I just checked and they are supposed to lay large eggs from light to rich brown. That egg doesn't look particularlly large. Personally, I like the dark brown or rich brown eggs. They don't taste any different, but I just like them better because of the color. Just me.
This does look better today. Hard to believe, but the hens cleaned up a lot of the scratch grain off of the blue lid and they even cleaned up a bit off the the ground. Messy chickens. I guess I do have to take the blame for all this waste. After all, I'm the one who gave the girls all the grain. I'll keep the grain feeder away for a few more days and see if they will eat up any more of the waste.
Strange to report wind, but there actually was a little wind last night that caused a bit of leaf fall and lots of branches cracking and falling along with acorns landing with sharp reports like gunfire. It was quite noisy. Pretty soon all my raked areas will be covered with leaves, and I will be doing rain dances (not) hoping for rain to wet the leaves and earth so I can start my raking campaign. I hate raking this dry dirt. I end up standing in a cloud of dust and with a sore throat.

No painting today. I'm giving that new paint I got at Home Depot (it's called Freshaire) a chance to dry a bit, at least one day, before I turn the doors over and paint the other side. I may decide to paint the cabinetry in the kitchen first, so I can hang the doors and won't have to leave them laying around where they can stick on something. But first I will have to complete the finish work. Tomorrow?

[5 eggs today]
I think the hens liked their new straw nests.


lisa said...

We have always liked brown eggs better!

Becky's Barnyard said...

I love your blog. I also have chickens; although I am fighting the coyotes for them. But I am succeeding right now.