Monday, September 21, 2009

Chick! Chick!

I took the chickens some lettuce and tomatoes for a late snack so I could lock them up for the night and all except one Wyandotte followed me into the pen. The Wyandotte remained outside, wouldn't come in, another Wyandotte was in a nest box and two hens staid on their roost; but the rest of the hens had a great time. I felt sorry for the Wyandotte and brought her some lettuce. She jumped off the wooden box and I think she ate a bit, but I finally had to herd her into the pen. I went back to check and there was still lettuce. So, she is not only anti-social, she is not a lettuce lover. The Wyandottes are not as friendly as the Brahmas and Orpingtons. I guess they are a bit wild, however, that wildness has enabled them to survive. We still have the four we started with.

Don't know where my Halloween stuff is hiding? I found a few things and set them out. I have a feeling I got rid of a lot of stuff in one of my cleaning sprees. Or? I'm going to look in my Christmas boxes. I might have put stuff in there.

I'll paint tomorrow. That's the plan.
[6 eggs today]
1 with a puncture.
Tricky chickens.


lisa said...

I seem to have lost my holiday spirits because I hate to decorate sometimes! Seems like a big chore anymore!

diane said...

We don't get too excited about Halloween.

DayPhoto said...

I can't seem to get myself together anymore to decorate. I will enjoy yours I guess.