Friday, September 25, 2009

More Chicken Herding

I went out to lock up the chickens while the hamburgers were cooking and found these three hens goofing off outside the pen. First a Light Brahma, then a Wyandotte and then an Australorp. Most nights I will just wait for them to go in, but tonight I needed to finish dinner. Morgan was in the house, and anyway, she is not a help with getting the hens in their coop. She runs around the coop or stands in front of the door. Sigh... The girls were very cooperative tonight and went in without a chase. I usually have to shoo them out from under the chairs. The skunk smell is almost gone, so I don't have any excuse for not sweeping up in there. Need to work on that tomorrow.

Spent the day putting more coats of primer on the cupboard doors, cleared a new path and raked around the fence line. Then I was tired and took a nap. Don't usually do that. Didn't find any wood I can use, I'll look some more tomorrow.

[7 eggs today]

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lisa said...

I love to hear the chickens, I really miss having mine, can't wait to get more!