Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Outa My Way!

Morgan be careful. Don't trip over the basket as you leave. The chickens are coming. The chickens are coming. Morgan was going to stand in the doorway and greet the girls, but changed her mind. Tom and Kristine left me a note to let me know to keep the chickens locked up until the meter reader came and did their thing. Well, by then it was afternoon and the chickens were upset!
The hens wanted out, right now! Noisy bunch! I got the door opened and stepped back to get some shots as they all piled through the hen door and flapped and streaked away.
I guess I should have made a video.
It would have been easier
than trying to take photos and avoid getting run into by chickens.
Anybody left?

I worked on the island some and figured out how to do a few things. In this kind of a situation, my mess, I have to work at things backwards in order to come up with a way to do stuff. I think of building things kinda like I do when frosting a cake. If the cake starts to fall apart, I just add more frosting and paste it back together. It is amazing what carpentry sins you can hide with sheet rock and joint compound. I know. I used to watch the carpenters work on our house, and thought, "Gee, I can do that." They were always fixing their mistakes. Me too.

[3 eggs today]


Anonymous said...

Hehe funny about your chickens. They are certainly cantankerous aren't they? What are you sheetrocking? I love it when you get to the almost done stage. You can see the end in sight. Tammy

lisa said...

What nobody knows won't hurt them!

DayPhoto said...

I always think they look like little airplanes as they buzzz out the door!