Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dry, Crackly Woods

Morgan is way down the path waiting for me, or not, I can't see what she is doing. I walked back here to see what she was barking at, but didn't see any critters running around. I do need to come back here and rake these leaves off the path and up against the wire to stop the rain (we will hopefully get rain) from undermining the fence. Morgan has run out here four times today barking madly, so there must be something going on out here. Skunks?
More dry crunchy leaves and thirsty trees. I have cut out a lot of brush between the trees, but I can see that I need to thin out more of the small trees. Most of them won't survive anyway. They get some tree disease that turns their bark black or they just die from lack of water. As soon as it does rain I need to get back out there and cut off dead limbs and do some thinning.

This big White Brahma is very loud and the one I usually see on top of the slanty roof of the old nest box. Most of the hens are already roosting or are asleep in their nests. I had to shoo one Wyandotte into the coop tonight before I could lock them up. The hens cackling cracks me up. I don't know why she is making all that noise. She started up before I came out. Beats me. Maybe she was yelling at the Wandotte to get her fluffy butt in the coop?

I guess you have to be a farm girl to appreciate this but I think it is really neat. I love those sheep!

[4 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Great Post! I love the video! I also went to the wool dress, pretty cool! I did comment on yesterdays post but didn't get posted, so I want to say great, you are safe!