Friday, September 04, 2009

Leaves Have Moved

Looking good! I can see the path now that I have moved the leaves up against the fence wire. All this raking works out much better after it has rained. There is little or no dust and the leaves stay where I put them. But there was a little wind this afternoon and it was blowing toward the fence, which blew all the dirt away from me. Well, except for when the wind turned around and blew the other way. Tricky.
This is a view the other way of the back fence line and you can just see Morgan down there on the path. She is looking for squirrels.
This is one of the blackened dead trees.
I am looking forward to the rain and then
working cutting down dead stuff.
I bought this barrel to keep the bags of dog food in and it is finally get used for that purpose. I washed the lid and it is sitting there drying. I'm planning on getting a big bag of walnuts and filling the lid with them. The walnuts will cover the middle plastic part and when the lid is on the barrel it will look like the barrel is full of walnuts. Or? I could fill the lid with wrapped candy!
[4 eggs today]


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