Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Treats On The Porch

Kristine said the cantaloupe burned her mouth. I have had that happen to me when the cantaloupe was ripe all the way to the rind. The chickens didn't mind it at all, and they had a lot of fun running around with the tomatoes playing keep away. I think the hens like to have their treats on the porch rather than in the pen. They seem to huddle close and eat together on the porch. When they eat in the pen they are more likely to grab stuff and run away with it.
I got the doors ready to prime after I ran the sander over them. I still have some sanding work to do in the kitchen and I need to nail a cabinet in position tomorrow. I cut, sanded, and rounded the edges and corners of a board to cover where the drawers used to be in the front of the island. The cook top took up the space where the drawers used to be, but I had to figure out something to cover the holes.

I thought I would prime and then paint the board first to make sure the paint covers the latex primer. I have had problems with paint not covering some things and then I had another oops to fix. I enjoy painting. The only thing I don't like about painting is having to worry about getting paint on stuff. If I can empty the room first, or push everything into the middle and cover it, then I can have fun and enjoy the painting.

I would like to put some vinyl down on this floor and paint the walls. Something else that needs doing. I think something ate the potatoes I planted, because they are gone. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to that.

[5 eggs today]


lisa said...

You want to come to my house next and do some carpentary work, need a shelving unit for the laundry room:) He, he

Callie said...

Lisa: Wish I lived near you. I would have fun building you some shelves.

Mountain Woman said...

I love your chickens on the porch. Hope the dentist went okay. That is NOT my favorite place at all!

Anonymous said...

Love the chickens!!! I love watching your progress in the house. We too are remodeling although at very slow pace. Tammy