Friday, September 11, 2009


This box comes with memories of the girls drawing pictures and coloring in their favorite coloring books. It says it is a crayon box, but on the end it states, "one gross, dustless crayons, American Art Clay Company, Indianapolis, Indiana." So, it most likely held chalk. I think I must have picked it up in an antique store somewhere to use as a container for the girls crayons. What you see are crayons, pencils and even some chalk from when the girls were young. I found this box packed away and decided to keep it for the grandkids to use when they visit. And I get to use the colored pencils when I have the need. I like the tin. Kinda cool.
Whenever I would visit Mary and Daddy, I would usually end up telling Mary how much I liked the old Pyrex Flame Ware she used to cook dinner. They were old enough that they had turned blue. Well, I think they turned blue. The detachable handle is still clear, so maybe it is newer than the bowl/pans? I loved the old handle and the nesting glass pans. She gave them to me when she moved so I have the handle and three or four pans of different sizes. This is the smallest one. She would use one for vegetables, one for rice or potatoes, one for gravy, and make jello or salad in the other. They make great bowls for mixing scrambled eggs, pancakes, or making french toast. They came with lots of great memories.
I found this little book ( here ) in a used book store when the girls were small in 1978. The book was copyrighted 1902 and an inscription, "Dorothy, November 1st, Nineteen hundred and three," is on the front fly leaf. That link should take you to a copy online at google books. I loved the illustrations and the stories were interesting to me since they were so different from the stories I was reading the girls. The girls were not really very interested in the stories, but that was ok, I enjoyed looking through the book, and imagining, Dorothy, happily reading. The book lives in the hoosier and they make a match being of about the same era. I just like the book, and it comes with the memories of the girls siting on the rug in the used book store going through stacks of childrens books looking for book treasure. For not too much I could get them both 5 or 6 books or more. I found books too. We were all happy!
I remember, Tom's Grandma Lillian, used this bowl to make her special beans. No, she didn't chop the beans. She would have this bowl full of parsley and then she would chop bacon into the parsley until they were all blended and chopped fine. ( I can't remember if she chopped onions in too?) Then she would add the chopped mixture to the bean pot. Wow! Those beans were sooo good! She would make them for the weekly family meals when the extended family would all show up. Good old Italian family. Hard to beat all that family love and togetherness. Lots of memories there too. When I got this bowl it was in perfect condition, but it flew off the counter during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and it now has a small crack on the rim. I have been afraid to use it since then because I don't want to cause the crack to grow. I used to enjoy chopping up stuff in it. Worked great!
Mary gifted me with this cornbread pan because she knew I loved it. I think that you can go to the store and buy a pan that would look just like this, but this pan, this pan, had been in her family and used for many years. I think it might have been Nan's? Maybe? Anyway, I really like it, especially since it has made cornbread for the family for many years. Neat!

Memories - I remember with respect and pay honor to those who died, or suffered and endured 9/11 and its aftermath. I'm not good at all expressing my feelings, but I will say that I feel a love and gratitude toward everyone who was swept up by the immediate and consequent events.

I am guilty of keeping memories in the form of things. Tangible memories are fine as long as I don't accumulate too many of them. I am pretty good about getting rid of stuff, and just keeping the memories. But sometimes, especially if it is something I can use, I enjoy having the thing around. I was originally going to post photos of old stuff I found around here, but I decided to just post some photos of things that I especially care about.

I locked up the chicken feed again tonight. Gee, two nights in a row. I'm getting better at remembering. Tom said that he has seen two skunks on the property when he is out at night walking Lucky. So,I'm also counting the hens and making sure I'm not locking up the little skunk in the coop. The hens didn't mind the skunk at all, in fact, for awhile the skunk disappeared under about three hens and they were fine. Buddies. I wonder if I've been locking the skunk up in there and it was the skunklet who was eating the eggs?

[5 eggs today]


diane said...

One of the possitives of growing old is the pile of memories jumbled in our heads. I like your memories some similar and some very different to mine.

jaz said...

what a very nice post! i hope you like the pie!

Anonymous said...

This post brings me back to when I was growing up. We didn't have money, but that was the cool part of it. I can live thrify today and be OK with it. She had some of the pyrex you were talking about. The roasting pan, the iron skillet were here mainstays. I still prefer powdered milk over real milk. We buy real milk because it's not that much different in price now. I am going to enjoy visiting your blog. Cool chickens.

Arlene said...

What wonderful memories Callie ! You brought back a few of mine. Especially with the corn bread pan. Gesh how much have I forgotten with age! Anyway sometimes our feelings are so hard to get out in front of even our loved ones. But by myself I let them go. Thank you for reminding me Callie!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

What wonderful memories..
Mom likes the cornbread pan..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie