Thursday, September 03, 2009

Where's The Door?

I had to herd these two hens into the coop tonight. Everyone else was in the pen having their evening snack. But these two kept going past the door and running around like they had lost what little chicken minds they possessed. It took me quite awhile to get them inside and Morgan was no help. She just kept running past them and making them goofier. They would rather sit out here until it gets dark. Maybe they can't find the door until it's dark? Strange.
This is a little tea cosy that I made out of an old place mat. I cut it in half, covered it with some fabric pictures I made, and stitched it together leaving the original ruffles around the edges. I made the little heart on top for a handle. If I made another one I would make openings for the spout and handle. I recently broke my last teapot, so that will go on my Christmas list.
It keeps the tea pot hot for a long time because the place mat has some kind of liner inside that traps the heat. I don't know what the liner is, but it makes a rustling sound. I made the house to resemble a type of home I always would have like to have lived in. The girls did have a swing. It was fun to make, but not put together well enough to use in a quilt. I wonder if the zig-zag over the edge of the fabric would hold up to a lot of use.

[5 eggs today]
One egg was very thin and had a hole.


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lisa said...

That is sooo, neat. I think it is very pretty!