Thursday, November 29, 2012

Morgan At The Vet Clinic

Yes, Morgan was at the vet clinic all day!

But now she is home recovering from her ordeal.
I'm sure she is very glad to be home sleeping on her bed.

She had her teeth cleaned.
She was microchipped.
She had tests.
And she was x-rayed.
And she has medicine to take for her sore throat.
She already has medicine for her foot .
Poor Morgan.

The x-rays found that
Morgan has two rocks in her stomach.
No wonder she had her tummy upset.
She has a sock on her foot because I forgot the collar at the clinic.
The sock will keep her from licking the foot.
I need to find a muzzle of some kind to keep her from eating rocks
and licking.
I've got a muzzle packed away somewhere.

Tom and I spent the day browsing through stores.
I bought myself some earphones for Christmas.
We looked for an artificial Christmas tree but didn't find one we liked.
So, we will use our old one again this year.

Top of my agenda tomorrow:
1. Find a muzzle
2. Put up Christmas decorations!
3. Be extra good to Morgan!



Jeri Landers said...

She is a good little trooper, but rock eating is a no-no. Maybe you will find the muzzle in with the Christmas decor... you never know!

LindaG said...

Hope Morgan will be okay.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbee' said...

Oh, dear! Rock eating is new to me. How big are they? Will they pass on through?! Will she have to have surgery? Poor Morgan, maybe she saw the chickens eating grit, and thought she would try it.

Tanya said...

Yeah! I'm glad your word verification is gone!

I haven't visited in so long... I'm sorry. And here I come and find Morgan down and in some of your posts wearing a collar. I hope, as you say, that she isn't completely miserable with the collar... or the sock... And a muzzle in the future? Poor doggie!

I think of you often (every time I see my chicken pot holder) and I envy your wood burning stove!

Thank you for the video you sent too! Tetsu and I absolutely loved it and had a great laugh!

Knatolee said...

Oh no, poor little rock-eating dog!! Hope she feels much better soon.