Thursday, November 01, 2012

Day 58 - New Deck - What No Photos?

Yes, there are photos, but I didn't take any photos today of the deck.

This photo of the neat deck workers work area is from a few days ago.
I'll be glad to see them back on Wednesday.

No deck photos.
So. I wandered around the house and took pictures of stuff.

What's for dinner?

Ham hocks and baby lima beans.
Love the beans and love the big pot.

Kristine got us the electric kettle before she left for Australia.
We got the rice cooker.
Love using both of them too.

I made this tea cozy a long time ago.
I cut a place mat in half, made the front and back cover,
and sewed the curvy edges together leaving the ruffles showing.

The other side and Kristine's tea pot.
With my green tea... only it is brown, go figure?

Our new toaster and a glass I got at a garage sale.
(The old toaster only toasted one side of the bread)
I keep garlic in it. The glass not the toaster.
Looks like an egg but it's not.

I got this cute plate at a garage sale too. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be packing away the Halloween decorations
in one of these boxes and taking out the
Thanksgiving decorations from the other box.
Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


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