Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rainy Day And Leaky Boots

Today was another lovely rainy day!

The woods smell wonderful in the rain.

I enjoy walking in the rain but not with leaky boots.
My solution is to put plastic bags in the boots.
I pulled some of the plastic bag out of the crack in the boot
so the hole would show up in the photo.

I really use plastic bags to make the boots easier to get off an on
but it also works to keep my feet dry. 
I need new boots!
Boots with fleece lining would be good.

I noticed the new black metal flag pole in the corner
when I was putting my boots away and decided
to find the Autumn flag and hang it up.

But the new flag pole
won't fit the old holder so the flag will have to wait
until I get to the store. 

I'll keep the flag in the corner with my walking stick
until I can buy a new holder.
I thought the black flag pole would compliment
the black deck railings.
The old wooden flag pole was showing signs of age.

It was another lazy rainy day.
No cooking.
I heated leftovers up for dinner.

If it lets up raining for a bit tomorrow
I may be able to get some painting done in the loft.


Thanks Diane
I took off the word verification.


diane b said...

Sorry I haven't been over for ages. Glad you've got some rain at last,. Same here except it is in the form of vicious storms.
Can you take off the word verification and use moderation instead. It takes ages to get a comment posted.

callie brady said...

Thanks for letting me know about the word verification problem. I didn't realize I still had that checked.
Thanks for coming by! Hope your storms are not too bad... bad storms are scary!

callie brady said...

I took the word verification off!

Kelly said...

I love the smell of the forest after rain. So earthy. Sorry to hear about your boots. I hate wet cold feet! I have Muck boot and they last forever. I honestly think they self seal when they get a hole. A little more in the beginning but they pay for themselves. They really keep my feet warm in cold weather too.