Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blogging From My IPad

Today I'm starting this post by opening Safari and Blogger on my iPad
and posting just like I normally do on my computer.

The only thing Blogger won't do on the iPad is access the iPad photos.
I'm going to leave Safari and open this draft up in Blogsy and add a photo.
I tried the Blogger iPad app but there were no formatting tools.
At least I didn't see them.
And I didn't see the iPad photo albums.
Blogsy is a bit intimidating at first but after using it and finding out where
and what things are
I think it is a terrific way to post.

I love being able to just drag the photos onto the post where I'm typing.

And if I need some help I can click on the gear at the bottom right and a little window pops up
And about half way down I can click on
How To videos, FAQ or a How To Guide.

Now that I have posted from Blogsy a few times
I find that it really is easy and fast.
The only problem was getting past that initial learning curve.

From now on any photos I take with the iPad will be posted using Blogsy.
No more switching back and forth from the computer to the iPad.
I only did that because I wasn't sure of what I was doing.

The chickens are out again today.
Tom said a few of the hens were eyeing the deck
but they didn't try to get through the railings.

Have a great weekend!

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