Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 69 - New Deck - Gate Latches

This is the type of latch on the single swing porch gates.

Looks nice!

And here is a temporary latch of sorts on one of the double gates.
A different type of gate latch is being looked for to fit them.

I like this latch at the bottom to hold one side closed.

I checked on the herbs and found them growing like weeds.
They are very happy with the rain and snow.

I checked on the hens and found two chickens
had dug themselves little holes and settled in for a rest.
I guess they are resting.
Back by the door there is a Light Brahma
and by the left window there is a Wyandotte.
The rest of the chickens are in the coop.

The deck is made of something called Trex.
So, they routed the edge of a piece to fit the top of the post.
Pretty neat!

Not much happening today
so not much to talk about.

No eggs because the hens are molting.


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