Friday, November 16, 2012

My Lazy Rainy Day

Here is what most of my lazy rainy day consisted of:
Got up late. I like to sleep when it's raining.

Made oatmeal for breakfast.
I love hot cereal on cold damp days.
Raisins make it even better.

I made enough for two servings but ended up eating it all myself.
I added a bit of butter in the middle and sprinkled brown sugar over the top.
I would have added milk but I used it up for hot chocolate.

Tom bought fries and hamburgers for dinner and cold slaw for me.
There is just something so good about eating
a burger and fries on a cold day!
I dip my fries in catsup and mustard.
Love mustard!

My project for the day was to go through 50 years of old costume jewelry.
I lost my wedding ring after the earthquake 
so that means there's just a lot of fake stuff taking up space.
But I like some of it and I'll keep those pieces.
And guess what...
I didn't even finish sorting out all the pieces I want to keep.

I did sort through and discarded some old clothes.
So, that was good.
There is a lot more room in the closet.

Morgan and I only took very short trips outside in the rain.
I keep her water bowl up in the back
so she doesn't drip water on the floor as she leaves.
Love the fire!

I spent a lot of the day playing around on my computer,
reading news, watching movies and playing games.
Don't feel guilty though.

This blog is supposed to be about stuff that happens around here
and not much of anything happened.
I enjoyed the lack of stuff happening very much.
Sometimes rainy days are like that.
If you're lucky.

There is an 80% chance of more rain tomorrow
so I might have another rainy day?

The deck looks pretty in the rain.
I'll try and get a photo to post tomorrow.
Lovely wet deck!

The chickens stayed in their coop.
They were having a lazy day too.


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Barbee' said...

I love rainy days, too.