Monday, November 05, 2012

Day 62 - New Deck - More Dry Rot

Oh, Dear!
When I went out to take some photos, I came around the corner and saw...

Ugh! More dry rot discovered.
Well, the good thing is that the dry rot is being replaced with good wood.

Today most of the new wood (light wood on right) that replaced dry rot
was covered with (dark wood on left) trim boards.
Looks so nice!

And all the railings now have trim boards on top.
Soon they will be starting to build the gates.

This is a photo of the decorations from outside.

I spent part of the day painting this short wall.
Looks like quick easy work... right?
That's what I thought until I started painting
along all the trim boards and edges.
Painting in the middle is easy.

While I was up in the loft I took a photo of Kristine's plants
just to show her they are still growing.

I guess because of all the stuff I'm doing
I forgot to give the chicken's their pumpkin again.
I'm so bad.


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lisa said...

someone after my own heart, plants are my favorite! I have approximately 21 plants.