Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 71 - New Deck Finished - Stumps

Well, I think the deck is finished.
I didn't ask, but the deck looks completed
and the new latches are installed.
I'll get some photos of the deck tomorrow.

This morning was bright and sunny.
Not warm (60's) but crisp and clear.

At least it was up there.

Down here things are a bit darker.

This morning I took lots of photos of stumps.
I think they look pretty covered in moss.
I'm only posting a few.

Here is the stump the fox used to hop over the fence
and bite a chicken.
Morgan chased the fox back over the fence.
I added boards and extra wire to slow the fox down.

This stump fell over.

Here is a hollow stump.

Someone else's stump.
There is extra fencing here too.

This stump is a mother.
There is a little cypress tree growing out of it.

This is a new stump.
I'm glad Tom cut the tree down.
It had fallen and was hung up in the trees.
I was afraid to walk under it.

There are lots and lots of stumps
and I find them all interesting.
There is always something to see on our walks.

I'm sure the deck would have been finished long ago
but there was all the dry rot to fix, bad weather,
gutters, drainspouts, and water drains to build
and other jobs that slowed the project down.
Love the deck!



lisa said...

That moss looks pretty cool on those stumps.

LindaG said...

Congratulations on your deck being finished.

Love all your pictures, too!