Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn Has Truly Arrived

These beautiful trees greeted me when I went outside this morning.

After I walked Morgan
I came back out with my iPad and took these photos.

Later I started this post on Blogger and then opened up Blogsy
on the iPad, found this draft and dragged in the photos,
posted the draft on Blogsy as an update, closed Blogsy,
opened up Blogger
and there were the photos!

Then because I forgot to size the photos in Blogsy
I clicked on the photos and checked medium in Blogger.
This whole process is getting easier and faster!

I can do the whole post on the iPad
but it is easier to type on the computer.

 I have noticed that these photos from the iPad are not thumbnails
and will expand to large photos
if you click on them.
They will take up a lot of storage space in Picassa too.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week!
Not me.
I'm staying home with the chickens.

Today was the first day I let the chickens roam free on the property.
I would have taken a photo
but the chickens look horrible.
They are molting!

If you want to see molting chickens click here.
 Poor things.
I hope their new feathers grow back in a hurry.'
The chickens are off in the woods and haven't come near the deck. 



diane b said...

That sounded a complicated way to blog from your iPad. I tried blog press but I wasn't able to centre text and the photos uploaded blurry. So I gave up. However, I have just discovered another app called Blogger so I might give hat a try. The trees are very pretty.

Carol said...

Lovely trees - all of our are leaf-less. And we had a spotting of snow.

Our hens are molting too - poor things, esp in this cold.